Products For An Organized Life

Do you want to stay organized, plus save time and money like I do? Here are my favorite products that I cannot live without. Email me with any questions about these products or if you would like help with them.

Cell Data & Voice  From Ting

Only pay for minutes & data you use each month (I average $24 per phone, per month). Nationwide coverage is provided by the T-Mobile GSM network. Use the link HERE to Ting for $25 off your first bill.

Instant Pot

Win back your time while preparing meals & reduce cooking time up to 70%. As mentioned in the Save Yourself with Meal Planning blog, the Instant Pot can help you make healthy meals with little effort.

Lazy Susan

Rotates to make hard to reach items readily accessible at the dinner table, in a kitchen cabinet or a closet shelf.

Key Rack, Holder & Dry-Erase Board

A staple of any organized house - having a place to hang keys at the entryway. This one also conveniently stores wallets, mail, leashes & messages in one location.

Liquid Chalk Markers &  Chalkboard Labels

Label all your spaces with style. Works on all non-porous surfaces. I use the easy to remove chalkboard labels on drawers, containers & even my interior fridge walls.

Echo with Alexa

Internet-connected voice-controlled speaker that makes lists, reviews calendars, controls smart home devices, makes calls, checks weather, answers questions, sets timers/alarms & more.

The 80/20 Principle

Learn how to get more done with less effort - 80% of all our results in life stem from a mere 20% of our efforts. This idea is at the heart of the Weir Organized blog series: Organize Your Life.

HDTV Antenna

Watch TV for free! Save over $1000 a year by dropping your satellite or cable television subscription. Check out my How to be a TV Cord Cutter blog to see how I did it.

Slide Out Shelves

Win back precious useable space in your kitchen with Slide-A-Shelf.  These beautiful and easy to use sliding shelves are customized for your kitchen cabinet openings.

Movable Shelf Unit

Create space out of thin air by stacking extra tiers of dishes, canned goods, containers & other household items in kitchen cabinets, desks and closets.

Door Shoe Rack

This shoe rack also creates space out of thin air. It's the best way to avoid a shoe pile up & keep your house clean from dirty footwear - store all your family's shoes in one location.

Label Maker

It's easy to make great looking labels for home or office. Use on file folders, food storage, clothes boxes, supplies,  sports equipment, tools...anywhere a little reminder can help you stay organized.

Smart Plug

Remotely control electronics, lights & devices from anywhere (using Alexa, Google Home, iPhone). I use mine to turn on our heater blanket upstairs when we have already settled in downstairs.

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Grit is passion & perseverance for a predominate goal. It is what drives achievement. Check out the Passion, Practice, Purpose, Hope blog for what it takes to be gritty,

Whole House Fan

Reduce your air conditioning bill up to 90%! Check out the Stay Cool without Air Conditioning blog for how I did it.


Save money & the environment by making your own flavored soda or sparkling water. Refilling a 130L Carbonator cost around $1 when you also get the CO2 Refill Adapter & a 5 LB CO2 gas tank!

Clear Storage Boxes

Perfect size for food, kitchen items, kids clothes, toys, shoes, crafts, tools & parts. These boxes fit well on shelves & can be stacked & labeled. Since they are clear contents can be easily identified.

Bike Lift Storage

Keep your bikes out of the elements and out of your way by hanging them in your garage. Yet another really cool way to create space out of thin air. We have 2 SUVs and 4 hanging bikes in our two car garage.

Wall Mount Holder

Keep your tools organized & easy to access with this high quality space saver. I have three: one for brooms, mops & umbrellas; one for backpacks & bags; one for tools, an air blower & even a chainsaw,

Irrigation Controller

Control your sprinkler system from your smart phone or Alexa. Set up situational watering schedules & save on water costs, as the device will automatically postpone watering if rain is in the forecast.

How To Raise An Adult Need a parenting instruction manual? Look no further! Learn how love & chores are at the core of preparing kids for success, as discussed in the Nurture Your Child For Their Organized Life blog.


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